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Hi, I am a UI and UX Designer from a little small town Ipoh, Malaysia.

About Me


I am a UX & UI Designer and also a Frontend Developer from Malaysia.

Starting with basic websites several years ago I found myself working as an Interactive Designer for complex projects with a holistic approach soon. Visually appealing designs, subtle details and brand guidelines combined to innovative interfaces across various touch points became my daily companion.

A user-centered mindset and sensitivity for design turned out to be the perfect fit when collaborating with agencies, clients and brands to develop digital concepts and solve problems together.

I’m specialised in

Responsive Design

I have gained a lot of experience designing and building many responsive websites. Responsive development will help make your website easily accessible across all devices.


I believe a story can be brought to life with the right combination of copy, images and animation. Every story deserves a unique approach to reach people in an engaging way.

Creative Design

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Photography is one of my oldest passions. Even though it is just a hobby, the ability to treat and art direct images has been fundamental to my skills as a Designer.


My interests in many different fields has helped me to stay curious, open and flexible. These attributes have been essential in the concepting of digital ideas.

Interaction Design

A key area of focus in my design process is to ensure the best interaction for each situation to guide the user in their digital journey, as this is essential in creating engaging and effective experiences.

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If you want to collaborate on crafting amazing experience for people – you are very welcome to contact me.